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Time is of the essence when launching a new initiative for your business. You have limited resources to sustain yourself as you strive to make the project profitable.

We are experts on the current state of the technology and can suggest the most appropriate development platform for your business. For the non-expert businessperson, this means advice about “what software to use” but also guidance through the arcane arts of software development, including advice about programming languages, software development methodologies, web application frameworks, software architecture, revision control systems, and other magic.

As your on-demand CTO, we strive to be your go-to technology partner. Whether you need a developer, a user experience expert or interaction designer, a graphic designer, or other IT services, we can help you plan and implement solutions that are custom-tailored for you..

We are well versed in software development best practices and can establish quality standards for software architectures, coding conventions, documentation requirements, and quality assurance processes at the very beginning of your project, ensuring that your business scales with growth and survives investors’ technical due diligence reviews.

- End-to-End Web Application Development
- Mobile App Development
- Web Site Design and Implementation
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Social Media and Online Advertising
- Logo Design and Branding
- Prototype Development
- Database Design and Programming
- Web Site and Email Hosting
- On-Site Training
- Quality Assurance and Testing
- Recruitment and Staffing


“We hired Levon and his firm New Business Systems to help us develop and program a custom web based learning management system. He’s the real deal. Not only is he a solid technologist, who always came up with innovative solutions for any ideas or requirements we could imagine, he was a great pleasure to work with. A true professional, he partnered with us to help navigate through our web development challenges and attain realization of our goals.”

Daniel Tjahjadi Client

“I worked closely with Levon for 6 years at Western Asset Management. We were each seniors of our respective development groups. He was one of most knowledgeable and respected members of the entire Information Technology department and it was a pleasure working with him on cross-group projects because of the focus, work-ethic, and enthusiasm he brought to every single project he worked on.”

Rajesh Patel Director of Engineering at JustFab Inc.

“After years of being in this business, I have worked with many folks from a myriad of capacities and backgrounds and there is a small group of amazing talent that I would hand pick again and again. Levon Baronian fits comfortably into that group bringing a unique and well-balanced blend of skills that ultimately make every project he touches shine with richer-than-anticipated results every time. His ability to refine and develop requirements into robust, scalable, and secure software solutions always embodied end-to-end awareness and tremendous self-sufficiency and self-motivation. It has been a privilege working with Levon and I fully endorse his expertise, character, and professionalism..”

John AllisonPrincipal Consultant, Cloud Solutions at NTT Data